Tunjuk Langit 1 kg - (Good Quality in stock)

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Tunjuk Langit 1 kg - (Good Quality in stock)

Buah tunjuk langit or mohagany has 3 components of active ingredients that help blood circulation, increase energy and overall health care, namely : -

i. Flavanoids - Stimulating the opening blood vessels to facilitate the movement of blood throughout the body and supplies oxygen and nutrients and acts as an anti-oxidant
ii. Saponins - Helps clean the blood vessels and reducing fat and cholesterol
iii. Bitter alkaloids - Balancing the excess acids in the blood and strengthen the immune system.

Buah tunjuk langit can treating diabetes, hypertension, cancer, skin allergy, malaria, heart disease, asthma, menstrual pain, alzheimer and stroke early stage 

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